Invitation to the 5th ART FOR PEACE Festival

What is this festival about?

Peace whether considered as peace among people or as world peace and to any extent is only achievable when there is calm and reconciliation within each person. The external peace happens after the internal peace is reached and while art accompanies peace then art for peace is created.

The Art for Peace Festival attitude is to communicate and to reconcile just how it is defined in the eastern culture as tolerance. In doing so, it is to respect, to accept and to value the rich variety of cultures, the various styles of living and ways of expressing it.

It gets to develop by awareness, honesty, connection, freedom of speech, consciousness and opinion. Tolerance is to agree to disagree which makes peace possible and allows to replace war culture with peace culture.

Tolerance does not mean to agree with all but to give credit to the other party. This is not necessarily closing your eyes to your own advantages or giving away and forgiveness. Tolerance means embracing the fact that all human beings regardless of their differences in appearance, position, language, behaviour and values, are entitled to live in peace just as they are.